Senior Investigator Position Available

Posted by Carolyn on 22 October 2015

Nvader is a professional non-profit Christian based organisation that combats sex trafficking in South East Asia through investigation, rescue and prosecution.

We  support and assist local police and government agencies by collating high quality evidence of criminal activity through covert investigation to support successful arrests and prosecutions.

We have recently established an investigation team in our Thailand office that focuses on intelligence-led investigations targeting criminal networks responsible for trafficking women and children into the sex industry in South East Asia. We are seeking a highly motivated professional to join our team in Thailand and contribute to the development of our investigations.

You will work alongside Nvader’s multi-disciplinary team of detectives, social workers and lawyers to identify offenders and collate evidence to support their arrest and prosecution.  It is essential that you form strong working relationships with Thai law enforcement and public prosecutors as Nvader cannot work alone.

Your role will include planning and leading complex criminal investigations involving multiple countries reflecting Thailand’s status as a source, transit and destination country for victims of sex trafficking. You will complete detailed and thorough risk assessments, lead and develop a team of Thai investigators, prepare reports to a high standard, have strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to gain trust and credibility with those with whom you work.

We are looking for candidates with 10 years experience working with police or other law enforcement agencies.  You must be a team player who works collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team and multi-cultural environment.

To find out more about this position please contact or to apply click on the following link