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Investigations: 2016 HIGHLIGHTS SERIES

Posted by Nvader on 4 May 2017

Investigations: 2016 HIGHLIGHTS SERIES

You might remember a case we highlighted last year - the Nataree Soapy Massage Parlour. This was one of the largest brothels in Thailand. Eight people were arrested on the night of the DOPA operation in early June. Warrants for arrest have been issued against a further 5 offenders. 15 trafficked victims were assisted, 14 of whom were teenagers.

We can update you that the business has been completely shut down and assets of THB 570 million (over US$ 16 million) have been seized by the Anti-Money Laundering Office.  We have reason to believe that the success of this investigation and operation, together with the resulting media publicity, has created a tangible element of criminal deterrence.

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