Conviction News

Posted by on 24 September 2015

Conviction News

One of our major cases over the last two years has resulted in successful convictions!!! The two accused persons were convicted  for "being part of trafficking" and "knowingly running and profiting from an illegal brothel."

We are currently awaiting sentencing which has been adjourned until later this year so watch this space!

On hearing the news the conviction was successful the lead Nvader investigator made the comment that “This case is a great example of collaboration and I'm really pleased with the outcome.”

The case was particularly complex due to the number of countries involved and has required  the co-operation of a number of police and NGO’s.

Nvader took a lead role in locating and interviewing victims and preparing them to give evidence at trial.

A successful conviction has meant there will be very real damage to a significant criminal syndicate that is operating within both countries.