Nvader will not succeed in the fight against sex trafficking unless people like you join the growing movement of abolition in some way. There are countless ways to use your unique skills, talents and professional abilities in pursuit of such freedom.

Support our efforts to combat the SUPPLY

Help us raise money to further our work. There are a multitude of ways to fundraise: Invite people in your own network to watch a movie about sex trafficking (Trade of Innocents, The Whistleblower, Human Trafficking) and charge for the popcorn! Have a garage sale and promote Nvader at the same time.  Whether it is an online auction, cake sale or corporate dinner, you are limited only by your creativity and initiative. 

Refer those with specialised skills in investigations, criminal prosecutions, social work and trauma care to the work of abolition. Become an advocate in your local community, business or church: 
Justice Awakening

Address the demand

Challenge the cultural attitudes towards women and children and encourage healthy sexual relationships.

Make sex tourism intolerable by reporting those you know, engaging the airline, travel and hospitality industries and utilising the media. 


Get help for those who are enslaved by going to