The movement

We are setting people free

Nvader will not succeed in the fight against trafficking unless people like you join the growing movement of abolition in some way. 
There are countless ways to use your unique skills, talents and professional abilities in pursuit of such freedom.

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Use your Voice

Supply Information

supply information

Nvader works in partnership with other individuals and organizations. There are many organizations working around the world that come into contact with the victims and perpetrators involved in the global sex trafficking market. 
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Utilize Social Media

utilize social media

Use your voice via social media. Tell your friends. You will be amazed how many people have no idea that this form of slavery is so rampant. 
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The church as a tool of abolition


Nvader acts as a catalyst for the one organisation that is globally positioned in almost every community where trafficking occurs and has the necessary people and resources as well as the mandate to set the captives free; namely the global Church.
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Understand the Issue

There are 3 key factors responsible for the exponential growth in sex trafficking.