Sex trafficking is modern day slavery. Every year approximately two million women and children are deceived and coerced into the commercial sex industry. This is commonly referred to as the ‘rape for profit industry’ where the victims are dehumanized, broken and enslaved.


Profits from sex trafficking are estimated to be US$99 Billion and the criminals involved currently face little risk of prosecution.


Only one out of 100 victims is ever rescued and less that 0.5% of all victims ever participate in any kind of judicial procedure.

Nvader is working to change these statistics by bringing freedom to victims and increasing the risks for the offenders.

We are combating sex trafficking


The global anti-trafficking community must adopt a radical change of focus to drive traffickers out of business.

Nvader believes this is to strengthen criminal justice systems to increase the number and significance of convictions of traffickers, particularly senior members of trafficking syndicates and ‘protected’ child sex offenders. If offenders face a high risk of prosecution, conviction and lengthy prison sentences, this creates a powerful deterrent to drive them out of business.

Nvader investigators work alongside local law enforcement agencies to gather evidence. Nvader lawyers work with local prosecutors to brief victims and witnesses, collate evidence and provide legal representation to victims during the criminal trial process and seek financial compensation on their behalf.  Our objective is to ensure that prosecutions lead to convictions and lengthy prison sentences and that victims are supported through the court process.

Yet the credit for every victim rescued and every perpetrator apprehended and convicted goes to local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.  Nvader’s contribution should remain largely anonymous.

As brothels are closed, offenders imprisoned, finances frozen and assets seized, we are contributing to the disruption of the criminal activities of those profiting from the exploitation of the most vulnerable members of society: impoverished men, women and children.


Of the millions of victims trafficked every year, most will never be set free or ever see justice without proactive intervention. One of the objectives of Nvader’s investigative work is to liberate victims and assist them to become survivors. Rescue is not a single event but a carefully planned process.

The trauma and abuse typically suffered by victims of trafficking and child sexual exploitation is often extreme. We work closely with our Government shelters and aftercare partners who provide immediate protection and long term rehabilitation of the survivors. Our aftercare coordinators follow up each victim to monitor their welfare and progress. Wherever possible we assist with the interview and debriefing of victims to ensure that the very best evidence is obtained and that those responsible for sex trafficking are successfully prosecuted.

We are implementing a coordinated repatriation program for women and children trafficked from Laos to ensure they receive the protection, support and vocational training they need when returned to their home country.


Human trafficking will not be defeated or substantially reduced through the efforts of any single NGO, or the collective community of NGOs working in the sector. Ultimately, local governments and law enforcement agencies must carry the burden of combating trafficking and child exploitation crimes through effective policing and an informed judiciary that enforces anti-trafficking laws.

One of Nvader’s operational strategies is to contribute to building the capacity of law enforcement and criminal justice systems to create systemic impact. This will be achieved through a variety of activities including policy advocacy, legal reform, training on best practices, technology solutions and intelligence-led investigative techniques.

In order to increase impact, Nvader is increasing its emphasis on capacity building. This will ensure sustainability and long term, systemic change. To that end, Nvader’s team comprises qualified and experienced professionals, including investigators, lawyers, social workers, technology experts and support staff.

But everyone has a part to play in combatting human trafficking. We are therefore making the most of opportunities to increase awareness and change societal attitudes to trafficking and related forms of exploitation, including through media, advocacy and reform initiatives.  As communities are mobilized, local law enforcement are empowered, survivors are assisted and criminals face justice, societies are transformed, cultural attitudes change and sex trafficking becomes increasingly intolerable.